Tile, My Secret Love.

Anyone who knows me, knows first hand that my true love is cabinetry.  I love the puzzle of space planning with cabinetry & customizing each clients storage needs into creative cabinet solutions.  I'm also a huge fan of wood in general; a good grain gets me every time!  However, I have developed a secret passion for tile.  It has many of the same design qualities & possibilities as cabinetry.  Tiles come in endless shapes, sizes, colors, textures & can be customized to your imaginations content!  The ability to mix and match to create new designs for each client is great, too.   

See below for a few of my current favorites! 

First up, 3D tile.  Love the texture & innovation of these new products!  Statement walls with 3D tile are a trend that I'm loving!

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 10.54.22 AM.png

Pental Parc Series Crema Luna 3D Bloom / Artistic Tile Dune Smoke

Next up, Graphic Print Tile.  I'm completely obsessed.  I love the black & white patterns, geometric designs & wide variety of style from contemporary to vintage.  

Statements Tile Tabarka Studio / Statements Tile Cementine Collection

Another trend that I'm loving is Water Jet mosaics.  Love the mix of stone & glass, as well as the intricate detailing!